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We specialize in Wordpress, one of the best tools for generating content!

30% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Currently, the best way for a website to reach a large number of visitors is its constant updating and dissemination. To do this we must have very updated content to attract customers and visitors to your site constantly. The content generation is important to be indexed by search engines and improving your SEO.

Gerenciadores De Conteúdo Cms Wordpress rtiweb servicos
Gerenciadores De Conteúdo Cms Wordpress rtiweb servicos

Developing plugins with advanced features

WordPress offers access to the plugins development to add functionality that fits into your project. We can name a few: photo galleries, testimonials, slides, faq, contact, portfolio, services, rating stars, real estate, etc. Each feature has a custom search, page, and integration with social networks.

Edit images in WordPress

WordPress can add images to your posts and pages. What some don't know is that WordPress also comes with some editing image features. In the image editing mode, you can crop, rotate and resize an image. You can also flip an image horizontally or vertically direction.

Split single post into multiple pages

Do you want Splitting a long posting into multiple pages? Simply add a tag in your post and WordPress split into two pages. Add the tag again if you want to divide it into more pages.

Gerenciadores De Conteúdo Cms Wordpress rtiweb servicos
Gerenciadores De Conteúdo Cms Wordpress rtiweb servicos

Google analytics integration

If you want to know your user's behavior can keep track with Google Analytics. We can see the most viewed pages, the average time each user spent on a particular page, the pages with the best performance, as well as detect the page that makes visitors want to leave your site and more. Google Analytics also provides details of the geographical location, browser, screen resolution, etc.

Rich Snippets Integration

We offer configuration for the various Rich Snippets types: Breadcrumbs, Events, Music, Organizations, People, Products, Revenue, Ratings / Reviews, Comments, software applications, and videos. You can configure only snippets for each Post, Page, Custom Post, products, and services.

Embed Links, Videos, and Multimedia

WordPress automatically incorporates the content of some popular sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All you need to do is paste a URL and WordPress will automatically incorporate it for you.

Gerenciadores De Conteúdo Cms Wordpress rtiweb servicos


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