Email Marketing

Advertising with high return potential at low cost!

Today Email Marketing is an important communication tool to keep a bond with your customers and to reach new potential markets, all of this with a great cost/benefit!

Your system sends mass email (newsletter) campaigns, having an hourly shipping limit. It also has forms for registering and removing clients, a template controls, and various reports. This way we can check if the email is active and if received the message. We respect all Anti-Spam rules.

Email Marketing rtiweb services
Email Marketing rtiweb-services

Check out some benefits of your use in the relationship with your customers:

  • Customer loyalty – Each message received shows that the site is always with news, promotions and commemorative dates messages (Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.);
  • Cost x Benefit-high return potential at low cost and eliminates printing costs;
  • Customization - The email Marketing can be customized with the name, city and even send an email on the date of the client's birthday;
  • Responsive Web Design – supports HTML5 to send a layout to multiple screen types;
  • Monitoring the results-you can follow in detail, in real time, the return of the email marketing campaign sent through several reports.
  • Targeting - you can choose which customer groups will receive that campaign according to personal data or customer language.


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