ReactJS Development

React is a library for creating interfaces, which was idealized by Facebook and Instagram.

It works like the V of MVC, allowing you to create your own components. In React application, you must break the different elements of it into small reusable components.

Desenvolvimento ReactJS rtiweb services
Desenvolvimento Web rtiweb services

Keep an agile approach to developing solutions, reducing the cycle to the smallest size, repeating it several times with small deliveries of software running. It relies on participation and good communication between developers and customer.

After approval of the budget, you will access to our system where you will receive an estimate of the deadlines for each step. At the end of each iteration, you can check how is the project and the remaining time, in this way, if you have small change there is still time for changes.

The client will have access to download the sources codes and will have a report presenting the time consumed on each iteration.


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